The Catalinas Summertime is calling me



 A1	Summertime's Calling Me	3:18 A2	Dancin' Romancin'	3:45 A3	Ain't No Big Thing	2:50 A4	Hey Little Girl	3:25 A5	Party Time Man	4:54 B1	Facts Of Love	4:10 B2	Rainy Day Bells	2:56 B3	Nip Sip	2:39 B4	Miss Grace	3:18 B5	Tick Tock	2:34 B6	You Haven't The Rght	2:19

A1Summertime’s Calling Me3:18
A2Dancin’ Romancin’3:45
A3Ain’t No Big Thing2:50
A4Hey Little Girl3:25
A5Party Time Man4:54
B1Facts Of Love4:10
B2Rainy Day Bells2:56
B3Nip Sip2:39
B4Miss Grace3:18
B5Tick Tock2:34
B6You Haven’t The Rght2:19



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