Chairman of Board Beach Music Anthology



2 disc with 14 page souvenir booklet

Compact Disc I

  1. It Ain’t What You Do, (It’s The Way That You Do It)
  2. Give Me Just A Little More Time
  3. On The Beach
  4. Gone Fishin’
  5. Dremin’
  6. Pay To The Piper
  7. Caroline Girls
  8. Summer Love
  9. You Don’t Know What Love Is
  10. A Bird In The Hard (Funky Chicken)
  11. Alive & Kickin’
  12. Loverboy
  13. Shero
  14. I Wanna Doop Doop Doop Your Doo Wop She Doo Wop (Tweedle Your Tweedle Lee Dee)
  15. It Will Stand

Compact Disc II

  1. (You’ve Got Me0 Danglin’ On A String
  2. Beach Fever
  3. Shaggin’ The Night Away
  4. When Can I See You Again
  5. Let Me Down Easy
  6. 39-21-46
  7. Pretty Women Everywhere (Hey Baby)
  8. Patches
  9. If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another Down At The Beach Club
  10. Everything’s Tuesday
  11. Hold On, I’m Coming To Save You
  12. Hold On, I’m Coming to Save You
  13. Rockaway Beach
  14. I’d Rather Be In Carolina
  15. Better Late Than Never


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