Chuck Jackson – I Don’t Want To Cry/ Any Day Now 2LP’s on 1 CD


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1.I Don’t Want to Cry
2.Tears on My Pillow
3.My Willow Tree
4.In Between Tears
5.Tear of the Year
6.I Cried for You
7.Lonely Teardrops
8.Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying
9.Salty Tears
10.I Wake Up Crying
11.A Tear
12.A Man Ain’t Supposed to Cry
13.I Keep Forgettin’
14.Any Day Now
15.Just Once

Release 1993
16.The Same Old Story
17.Watcha’ Gonna Say Tomorrow
18.Make the Night a Little Longer
19.Who’s Gonna Pick Up the Pieces
20.In Real Life
21.Angel of Angels
22.The Breaking Point
23.The Prophet
24.Everybody Needs Love