Elements of Shag Vol. 2



Basic Variation, From Start Position,
Front & Back (2 Hands & Open) – Together Step
Male Turn to same leg sweep – Together Step

From a Basic,
Side by Side, Rotation to flyback – Together Step
Male Lead Step- Female join for finish

Basic Rotations
Rotate from start (Male & Female), Female Tuck,
Ladies rotation with man’s left turn,
Ladies rotation with man’s right turn,
Pull by with man’s fake male turn

Single Hooks
Multiple Hooks – Together Step with 3 endings
(Single Hook, Rotating Hook or Half Hooks)

Regular Sugarfoot, Rotating Sugar foot,
Rotating Sugarfoot with Dips

One Leg Rotations
Ladies left single spin from start,
Ladies tuck with right spin – 1½ turn to left spin
Male right spin, Male stutter into left spin