Elements of Shag Vol. 3


Basic, Release, Break, Male Turn Out,
Female Turn Out, Barrel Turn, Peel off Female,
Peel off Male, Double Break

Advanced Basics
Adding flow to your basic,
Cross Over Basic, Wrap Basic

Back and Shift
On 3 & 4 with a Hesitation,
On 5 & 6 with a walk back,
In the Hip Step, Shift up to Female’s side

Kick Backs
Set Up to Hook, Set Up to Sugarfoot,
Within the Triple Hooks, Heel Around,
Set Up to Rotation to Kick Back and Hook,
Cross Over – Together Step

Belly Rolls
Basic, Open-Close, and Drop Belly Rolls

Basic Hitch on 4, Double Hitches on 1 and 4,
Female Turn with Hitch on 4

3 DaDas on 1, 2, 3, (Basic , Male Turn, Rotating)
Basic with 2 DaDas on 3 & 4,
Ladies DaDa turn on 2, 3, 4,
Men’s Slow DaDas

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