Highlight DVD- The Best of Sam and Lisa West



This entertaining DVD includes a variety of dances performed and/or choregraphed by Sam and Lisa.

•Eight is Enough Dance Team 1995
•”At this Moment” Barry and Lisa 1995
•”Honey in Your Heart” Sam and Sarah 1996
•”Butterfly Kisses” Barry, Cassie, Dani, and Lisa 1997
•”This Will Be” Barry and Lisa 1998
•”Hello Dolly” Sam and Sarah 1998
•Strictly Swing Final Sam and Ellen 1999
•”You Can’t Take That Away” Sam and Lisa 2001
•Two of a Kind” Sam and Lisa 2003
•”Club Savoy” Will and Sydney 2004
•Shagtime Dance Team 2005
•”One for the Road” Will and Sydney 2008

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