ShagDancing Vol 1 – Randy and Sue Bowling


RandyandSue’s Shag Dancing Vol 1 is for the Beginner starting from scratch or those who already shag and want to update and renew their knowledge and style.
The videos on this DVD include the “best of” re-mastered for better picture and sound quality.
There are also many new videos on this DVD that are not available on line.

This video teaches you everything you need to shag dance starting from the very beginning…
It is great for new beginners or for those that already shag but want to improve or renew their dancing.
Videos on this DVD include:
The Start, The Basic,
Female Underarm Turns,
Making the Female UA Turn Her Showcase Step,
The Pull Thru, The Male Turn,
Turning Into the Side,
Side to Side Moves,
the BellyRoll!,
the Pivot,
How to Develop Smoothness and Style,
Leading and Following Rules and
Technique, plus much more…